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Are you ready to move forward with intention?

I am dedicated to fostering positivity and authenticity in your life. As a truth-seeking coach, I guide you in utilizing your gifts while addressing limiting beliefs that may hold you back. My approach is strengths based, optimistic, flexible and honest. Through a spiritual lens, we explore deeper connections and meanings, empowering you to live a life aligned with your true purpose. Together, we'll navigate challenges and opportunities, allowing you to show up fully for yourself and embrace all that you dream of achieving. It would be my joy and privilege to partner with you!


Life Coaching

Coaching is a wonderful option for those ready to create positive change in their life. Together, we will clarify your goals, break them down into small manageable steps and start moving forward. Whether you desire major life changes. small shifts in your daily routine or new opportunities and a fresh perspective, life coaching can help you clarify and achieve your goals.

Schedule Your Discovery Session

This is a relaxed session where we connect about your goals and get to know one another's style and energy. This session may be in-person or remove. 

If it feels like a good fit, we will create a coaching plan that is right for you!

Make A Commitment to Yourself

The 5 Session Coaching Package is our most popular starting point. Make a commitment to yourself while saving some money. Pre-pay for your package and schedule your sessions using our simple online booking page.


Soul Goal Session

The Answers Are Within You

2 Hour Spiritually-Minded Session


 This unique 2 hour coaching session utilizes the intuitive processes of Automatic Writing, Guided Meditation, Visualization, Oracle Cards & Journaling.

You will be guided to tap into your inner voice and intuition and to access divine direction and support, moving forward with greater clarity and connection to your soul's purpose. Once you gain some clarity, you will begin to create a "vision map" that you can refer to for future goal setting and decision making. This session is a wonderful gift yourself or others at times of transition, fresh starts or any time you are feeling "stuck" or in need of some inspiration. This process works any time you find yourself looking for some direction and clarity in your life.


This session is open to anyone. It can be added to a coaching package or scheduled as a stand-alone experience.

Bring a journal or notebook and come comfortable! This process works well both individually and in small groups. Have a few friends or family members who you think may enjoy going through this process together? Reach out and we can create a unique group offering.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if Coaching is right for me?

Are you excited, energized and highly MOTIVATED to create change? 

Would you benefit from regular TIME to think, dream and plan?

Do you enjoy and benefit from inspiring PARTNERSHIP when working to accomplish a goal?

If you answered "YES", Coaching is likely a great fit!

What is the difference between counseling and coaching?

Life Coaching is a forward-focused process driven by your vision for living your best life. It leverages your strengths, goals, hopes, and dreams. Both coaching and counseling involve partnering with a professional who facilitates important conversations and provides support, structure, and accountability for positive change. You can benefit from having both a counselor and a coach on your support team. *If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, please work with a licensed healthcare provider.


How often should I schedule coaching sessions?

You have the flexibility to choose weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sessions, adjusting as needed based on your progress and support requirements. Many clients find it helpful to pre-schedule a consistent day and time, integrating coaching into their routine. I also offer "as needed" sessions, perfect for when you need extra support in organizing ideas or gathering resources. For these, I highly recommend booking a double session for ample time for discussion and planning.

We will tailor a coaching plan and timeline to fit your unique needs during your initial session.


How are sessions structured?

Coaching sessions are 45 minutes long and can be conducted either in my office or remotely via Zoom. Each session includes celebrating your progress and setting new goals or "next steps." We incorporate problem-solving, supportive resources, and mindset work as needed to ensure a comprehensive and positive experience.

How do I pay for Coaching sessions?

Individual Coaching sessions are 85.00 per 45 minute session or 400.00 for a package of 5 sessions.  Prepayment is required via invoice or package.


How will I keep track of my goals and personal commitments?

After each session, I provide a brief written summary of your progress and goals via email. This document serves as a helpful reference as you work on your goals between sessions. I also encourage you to maintain a coaching journal to track your achievements, goals, and reflections on your progress.


What types of goals are your clients working on?

My clients' goals are incredibly diverse, but they all share a strong commitment to their growth and development. Here are some examples of goals my clients work towards:

  • Boundary setting

  • Career change/development

  • College transition

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Family/relationships

  • Health and wellness

  • Life transitions

  • Mindfulness

  • Organization

  • Passion projects

  • Self-care

  • Spiritual growth and development

  • Work/life balance

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