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Reiki Session

Reiki (pronounced “ray-key”) is a Japanese practice that supports stress reduction, relaxation and the body's natural healing processes.

During a session, the practitioner will place their hands above and, if comfortable, gently on the client, allowing Reiki energy to support the mind, body and soul.

My Reiki room has been designed to be a space for pause and peace, incorporating aromatherapy, a heated Reiki table and an abundance of positive energy.

Reiki is a beautiful complement to our wellness and self-care routines.

See the answers to frequently asked questions here. 

Distance Reiki Session

“Distance Reiki” sessions are available for those who prefer to receive Reiki from the comfort of their home.

More information is in the FAQ section.

Reiki & Reflection Session

Reiki & Reflection is my personal blend of energy work & life coaching. Begin with a 45 minute Reiki session to support moving into a relaxed, clear & open space. Then engage in a guided conversation where you will clarify thoughts & set small goals based on what comes forward in your  Reiki session. A unique combination of spiritual & practical, I invite you to experience this blended form of self-care.

Laura is an Usui Reiki Master Teacher and an Affiliate Member of the International Center for Reiki Training.

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Learn Reiki

Reiki training is available to anyone who would like to learn it. Whether you are interested in Reiki as a wellness practice for yourself and your loved ones or you would like to reach a level that allows you to offer it as a professional service, Reiki education, attunement and certification is a wonderful investment.

Reiki training is available in many formats.

It is important to find a teacher and system that you feel comfortable with.

Laura is trained in the Usui/Holy Fire system of Reiki taught by the International Center for Reiki Training. There are four levels including one, two, Master Practitioner and Master Teacher.

Laura completed her training over 6 years. In 2021, Laura completed the Master Teacher training and is certified to teach all levels of Reiki.

Laura offers Reiki training in small, in-person groups in her Berlin, CT office. She also offers one-on-one Reiki training where students complete their training individually with Laura. Both options include "attunement", "placement" and a certificate of completion for the level attained.

Reiki Mentorship is a unique opportunity to advance your skills and build your confidence and resume with 20 hrs of additional support and practice. 

If you are interested in learning Reiki, you will find more information about each offering by clicking on the link below. You may also contact Laura to discuss the pathway that is best for you.

Reiki: Services


From the moment I walk in to see Laura I feel my blood pressure go down. She exudes calmness and serenity and she is a master at creating a permissive space for one to just be. Between her welcoming smile, the comfort of her cozy waiting area and Reiki room, and her obvious affinity for helping you to align with your best self, Laura is truly a master at her craft. She is constantly in concert between authenticity, spirituality, and being interpersonally down-to-earth. If you are new to the Reiki experience, Laura's talent will capture you. If you are a more experienced Reiki "consumer," I am confident you will feel the spirit and soul that radiates from Laura's hands and heart. Enjoy! 10/11/21, CT

Sheila R.

Laura’s space is warm and inviting. My daughter requested her first ever reiki session for her 15th birthday. Laura clearly explained the process and made her feel comfortable. After a busy weekend, it was just what she needed to refocus and destress. Best gift ever.   6/27/21, CT

Colleen O.

I absolutely loved my session with Laura. She is truly gifted!  She immediately connected with my energy and was able to open my chakras, even the ones that were “stuck.” She gave a very thorough account of what she felt was going on in my body/ aura/ energy field. She was able to answer any questions I had in a way that was accessible and easy for me to actively continue my reiki healing journey!! I felt great for days after!! Definitely going back!  2/11/21, NY

Laura W.

5 stars! I was hesitant about trying distance reiki, but Laura was spot on! I had improvements both physically and mentally after my session. Laura is a gem of a person and a connected, empathetic practitioner. Can’t wait for my next session. 2/22/21, TX

Lena N.

Reiki: Testimonials
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