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Reiki training is available to anyone who would like to learn it. Whether you are interested in Reiki as a wellness practice for yourself and your loved ones or you would like to reach a level that allows you to offer it as a professional service, Reiki education, attunement and certification is a wonderful investment.

Reiki training is available in many formats.

It is important to find a teacher, system and setting that you feel comfortable with.

My goal is that every student who trains with me leaves feeling confident that they can practice Reiki i in whatever way they choose. In addition to the manuals from the International Center for Reiki Training, I incorporate some of my favorite Reiki tools and resources in my trainings. 

Laura is trained in the Usui/Karuna/Holy Fire system of Reiki taught by the International Center for Reiki Training. There are four levels of training including 1,2, Master Practitioner (3A) and Master Teacher (3B).


Laura completed her training over 6 years. In 2021, Laura completed the Master Teacher training and is certified to teach all levels of Reiki. 

Laura offers Reiki training in small, in-person groups in her Berlin, CT office. She also offers one-on-one Reiki training where students complete their training individually either in-person and online. Both options include "attunement", "placement" and a certificate of completion for the level attained.

Reiki Refresher sessions are an opportunity for those who previously completed Reiki training and received attunement who would like to reconnect with the key concepts and practices associated with a level or levels.  A unique sessions is created to meet your needs. Contact Laura to talk about a refresher session. 

Reiki Mentorship is a unique opportunity to advance your skills and build your confidence and resume with 20 hours of additional support and practice. This includes the opportunity to offer sessions in my office.

You will find more information about each offering on the online Booking Page. You may also contact Laura to discuss the pathway that is best for you.


Reiki Training Classes 

Upcoming classes are live on the online booking page

Reiki I - 250.00

Reiki II - 275.00

Reiki Master Practitioner - 400.00

Reiki Master Teacher (Usui)- 800.00

Reiki Master Teacher (Usui/Karuna/Holy Fire®) - 1,000.00

Reiki Mentorship - 800.00

Register Online or Contact Laura to get started

Individual Reiki Training 

Schedule directly with Laura

Reiki I, II and Master Practitioner  - 500.00 each.

Reiki Master Teacher (Usui) - 1,000.00

Reiki Master Teacher (Usui/Karuna/Holy Fire®) - 1,500.00

Reiki Refresher Session

Schedule directly with Laura

For more information, please contact Laura

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