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“Set peace of mind as your highest goal and organize your life around it.”

- Brian Tracy

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Upcoming Classes & Workshops

Reiki Level I Certification Class

Facilitator: Laura

Sunday, March 3


Reiki Share

Laura facilitating at Evolution Wellness & Yoga Co., Newington

Sunday, March 10


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Breathwork Workshop

Facilitator: Greg Gallinoto, The Nature Within

The Athlete's Om II

Sunday, March 10


Breathwork Workshop

Facilitator: Greg Gallinoto, The Nature Within

The Athlete's Om I

Saturday, March 16


Breathwork Workshop

Facilitator: Greg Gallinoto, The Nature Within

The Athlete's Om III

Sunday, March 24


Reiki Master Practitioner Certification Class

Facilitator: Laura

Sunday, April 28


Reiki Level II Certification Class

Facilitator: Laura

Sunday, May 19


Ancient Architecture


Life Coaching  

45 Minute Coaching Session - 85.00

2 Hour Soul Goal Session - 160.00

Reiki Sessions

60 Minute Reiki Session - 90.00

45  Minute Reiki Session - 75.00
30 Minute Reiki Session - 60.00

Reiki & Coaching 

90 Minute Reiki & Reflection - 140.00

Introductory Session 

Let's Discover how to best work together

60 Minute Discovery Session - 60.00

 Reiki Training

All Levels of Usui Reiki & Holy Fire®, Karuna® Master Teacher Available

Click Here to Learn More

Aromatherapy Session 

60 minutes - 60.00

Mindfulness & Meditation Facilitation 

Individual & group sessions & classes 

Collaboration with schools and private organizations

Contact Laura for more information​​

Visit my "Store" for prerecorded guided meditations, gift certificates & more


Life Coaching 

“The greatest gift that you could ever give another is the gift of your expectation of their success.” - E. Hicks

Coaching is a wonderful option for anyone ready to create positive change in their life. Together, we will clarify your goals, break them down into small manageable steps, work through limiting beliefs, & create an accountability plan. Whether the changes you desire are major life changes, small shifts in your daily routine, or personal or spiritual development, coaching can help you create and keep commitments to yourself.

Schedule a 1 hour Discovery Session to see if my coaching approach is the right fit for you!



“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.’ - Rumi

​Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that supports the body's natural healing process.

 During a Reiki session, the Reiki practitioner utilizes gentle touch to channel Reiki energy to support the client's mind, body and soul.

Laura is a Reiki Master Teacher, offering sessions and training since 2017. Laura is an Affiliate Member of the International Center for Reiki Training.

Learn more about our practitioners and Reiki offerings here

Writing Letters

Gift certificates may be purchased in any amount. Beautiful cardstock printed certificates and convenient email certificates are available. When redeeming your gift certificate, please use the unique code, located on the back of your card in the "promo code" box at check out. 


Meet Laura

I am passionate about supporting people in living a life they love.

My practice is my dream "job." A space where I can meet people where they are with a variety of tools and approaches to wellness.

My primary background is in counseling. I worked as a school counselor for 20 years. I love education and continue to serve in schools as a mindfulness facilitator.

I completed my first Reiki training in 2017, just weeks after my first Reiki session. Whoa!...throughout my education and years working with people and I had never heard of energy work. 

Game changer. 


Reiki led me down an exciting path of new learning. I took classes, attended workshops and read everything I could on spirituality, energy, mindfulness, and "alternative" wellness practices.

I had a great connection with one of my teachers who offered Life Coaching & in 2018 signed up for a year of individual coaching. I immediately connected with the coaching process. I loved the blend of mindset and practical work that went into each session. In 2020, I completed a Life Coaching Certification program.

In 2021, I opened the doors to my private practice where I blend the many different pieces of my education and training. I am doing work I believe I was meant to do. 

My practice is a welcoming, safe, confidential space.

I look forward to meeting you,



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